Mechanical Solutions Corp. offers controls solutions from the best companies in the business. Companies such as Honeywell, Johnson Controls,  Delta controls and more! We pride ourselves on a high level of expertise when it comes to installing and servicing controls systems.

Installing and Servicing:

  • DDC control systems
  • Thermostats
  • Panels
  • Building solutions and automation controls


Wattmaster provides simple, easy digital solutions to your controls needs. Quality, reliability and ease of use have made this product what it is today! We proudly service Wattmaster controls systems and are have years of experience in their product line and offering. Please visit their website for more information on products offered here


Johnson Controls have been leading the way in the HVAC and building automation industry for decades. Undisputed reliability, endless configuration and operation, ease of system access and quality control second to none! With years of experience under our belt installing, fixing and fine tuning these control systems, Mechanical Solutions Corp. will keep you operating seamlessly! 


From residential thermostats to airplane engines. Honeywell is a diverse company which has fine tuned building automation and controls systems used all over the United States and beyond. With their Redlink technology, you can securely monitor and adjust your businesses heating and cooling requirements remotely from a tablet or smartphone. Innovation and technology have come together to provide you with the easiest operation to date! 


Micro Control Systems designs and manufactures microprocessor based controllers for the hostile environment of the HVAC/R industry. Our product line also includes a wide variety of peripheral devices to complement our controllers including temperature, pressure, humidity and current sensors, as well as custom support software for Windows-based pc's that allow the user to monitor and interact with the controller from anywhere in the world. 


Delta Controls is one of the largest independent manufacturers of building automation systems with more than 300 installers in over 80 countries. For more than 3 decades Delta Controls has offered dependable and user-friendly building control solutions to commercial, healthcare, education, leisure buildings and more. As industry leaders, our track record includes delivering the world’s first fully integrated native BACnet building solution encompassing HVAC, Lighting and Access products.